Double Happy.
Collectable NFT
trading cards.

Limited and small edition ERC1155 (Non-Fungible Tokens) collectables stored on Ethereum blockchain.

Series One

Our first series is now up on Rarible. These unique digital items are minted in small limited amounts, meaning you can own a truly rare digtal card and verify your ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the first in the series and we expect this first release to become highly sort after in coming years.

With each new series released we will be introducing new characters and with a mixture of rare and common items. We hope collectors have as much fun trading these as we have had making them.

To the moon

25 minted

Our first card released. Only 25 minted.  Sure to become highly sort after in the coming years. Buy one and HODL.

0.03 ETH
View on Rarible

Pump it Monkey

25 minted

Number 2 card of our first series. Only 25 ever minted.  
Animated Pump action. Great for swing traders.

0.025 ETH
View on Rarible

To the moon

100 minted

Our first Airdrop got snapped up. Click the link below to bid on on one for your collection.

View on Rarible

Pink Wojak

3 minted

Only 3 ever minted.
Embrace the pain.

View on Rarible

Bag Holder

25 minted

For those about to bag hold we salute you. 25 minted.

0.025 ETH
View on Rarible

Airdrop #2

100 minted

These bad boys sold out very fast to NFT collectors. Bid on one for your collection on the link below.

View on Rarible

Money printer
goes brrr

250 minted

With only 250 minted these cards aren't going brrr. Get em while they last.

0.007 ETH
View on Rarible



Rocket is equiped with a powerful jetpack, that helps her ride the pumps to all time highs. It is said all cards with Rocket bring the owners good luck and a fruitful portfolio.


Cursed to carry a heavy bag of alt coins from 2018. Bags shills his flaming pile of crap to anyone that will listen. Cards with Bags bring the owners extra resistance from pump and dumps and crypto influencers.


When it comes to printing money this dinosaur is no slouch. Cards with Muni bring resistance to fud.


With extra long arms and a strong core Pumps was born to crank up the charts. This little guy is all about moving things upward. Cards with Pumps bring the owner increased shilling powers.

About the Artist

Melbourne based Digital Artist, Dane Flighty has been pushing pixels for over a decade.  Through diverse styles and mediums his work focuses on his childhood obsessions, robots, cute characters and pop culture.

Having grown up in New Zealand he spent a few years working on a diary farm, during this time on the farm he tried to become a cow whisper however the cows weren’t interested. Realising he is a lot better at creating art than talking to cows to he threw himself into photoshop and learning 3D.

His artworks can be seen on the hugely popular show “the IT crowd” and his illustrations have been published are many other publications such as Billboard magazine and Australian Financial review to name a few.

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